SERTOMA: Service To Mankind

Scholarship Recipients

The Sertoma Club is proud to offer a number of scholarships to Old Dominion University Speech Therapy students.

Our most recent Scholarship Recipients are:

Carly Albertson

“My interest in speech pathology began when I attended speech therapy in grade school to improve my articulation skills and immensely enjoyed it. I have always enjoyed working with children and hope to be a public school speech language pathologist. Receiving the Sertoma scholarship significantly helped me be a successful student in my academic courses by purchasing text books, clinic materials and tuition. I was also given the opportunity to meet a large group of great people who also care about the field I am excited to work in.”




Allison White

“As a future speech-language pathologist I am interested in working with adults with acquired neurological conditions. Individuals that have suffered brain trauma, stroke, or neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s are my specific areas of interest. The Sertoma Club has greatly helped me in my path to become a speech-language pathologist. Sertoma is helping me achieve my goals as a future SLP by supporting me with my textbook purchases and tuition; I am extremely grateful!”




Lauren Paravis

“Thank you for this opportunity and support to continue graduate school in speech language pathology. It has been a wonderful experience working with children and adults in our on-campus clinic and now with adults in my off-campus placement. I hope to continue working with adults after I graduate. I would love to rehabilitate adults that don’t “have a voice” which is something most of us take for granted every day.”





Katelyn Swiader

“It is my intention to continue my education in Voice Disorders and Swallowing Therapy after I graduate. I am passionate about so many aspects of our field,  but I hope to specialize in those areas. The anatomical structures of the body required to speak or swallow are also the same structures used in singing. My undergraduate degree is in classical music where I specialized in singing opera. It only makes sense that I would want to incorporate my previous knowledge and passion into what I will find to be a rewarding profession as a Speech-Language Pathologist. As an SLP, I will be able to help others address areas of weakness that so many of us take for granted (e.g., communicating clearly to others or finishing a meal without coughing excessively). At this time I’m looking most forward to May… my graduation from ODU and the beginning of my future profession as a Speech-Language Pathologist.”

Jillian Blaine

“In the previous semester, I was an intern in Virginia Beach Public schools and am highly considering a school-based career in the near future! I love working with preschool and school aged children on various speech and language goals, as well as those that are hearing impaired and can benefit from speech therapy. I am planning to stay in the Hampton Roads area! Receiving the sertoma scholarship has allowed me to purchase books and materials pertinent to my education. Thank y’all so much for the scholarship opportunity, it is helping me expand my education!”




Casey Wozniak

“After graduation, I would love to work in the school setting with elementary aged students. My goal is to help as many children and families as possible. With my Sertoma Scholarship, I am one step closer to that goal. I am able to worry less about how I am going to afford paying for my classes, and focus more on how I can make a difference in someone’s life. I am so grateful for Sertoma’s help in reaching my goal!”




Rebecca Bender

“I became interested in the field of Speech-Language Pathology because I wanted to be part of a profession where I would be able to help people on a daily basis. I am interested in working with individuals with autism spectrum disorder. Other populations I intend work with are children, and persons with special needs. The scholarship from the Norfolk Sertoma Club has helped me purchase supplies necessary for success in ODU’s program, and later in my career.”